Where Do You Go To Relax?

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Where do you go to relax and recharge after a busy day at work or home? (This may not seem like a why question but hang on we’ll get there) I know for myself that place is my dining room table overlooking the city with my cup of coffee and Patty Griffin station playing in the background. After a particularly hard day or on a weekend morning this is the place I can find rest and rejuvenation.

Dinah’s House from the start has never meant to be a program driven center. Yes, we connect our visitors with resources and help from other local non-profits–that is a part of what we do. However, at the core of who we are is something a bit more intangible. We desire to be that place of rest and rejuvenation for those who have limited access to such environments. Many of our visitors live in shelters or crowded apartments and do not have a place to get away and relax. One woman who visited recently found that what she needed most was sleep. While others were chatting and enjoying coffee and snacks, she spread out on a couch and slept. When I asked her later about it she said, “I can’t sleep at home or find a quiet space anywhere else. It’s nice to have a couch to nap on.” 

As humans so much of who we are can be reached in those places of quiet safety.  Dinah’s House exist to bring some semblance of comfort and safety because it is only once we feel safe that we can begin to imagine a life beyond our most immediate and basic human needs. As Maya Angelou so beautifully writes,

So Why Dinah’s House? Because every single one of us needs a space where we are invited to hope, a place where we can begin to imagine. This is what we strive to offer every woman and child who enters our doors…Hope.

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